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Translation Memory Technology

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on the market
organizacion GALA
Member of international
>500 permanent
>12,000 interpretation
hours per year
>120,000 pages translated per year

In need of urgent translation of a contract or a business letter? Forced to reschedule negotiations with your foreign partners to this evening, but have no interpreter to bridge the language barrier?

Find your solution now!

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Large companies and ministries are amongst our clients, as well as city-building employers and small businesses just beginning to emerge in the international arena. All of them prioritize quick and high-quality results.

And we guarantee them. Our translation speed is accounted for by more than 1,200 professional linguists all over the world, along with the efficiency of the latest CAT technologies.

Our job is a world of promising financial prospects and international business projects opening up before you; a world of communication, unlimited by language barriers.

Eclipse. You're one step ahead.

CAT Technology

Translation Memory

Cut up to 70% of your translation expenses!

Our company uses the most advanced efficiency optimizing technology for translation.
Using Translation Memory technology, you will no longer have to pay for the translation of text fragments appearing in the text multiple times.
Check out 3 main
benefits you will get as a result:
High speed,
with traditional
translation methods
high quality,
impossible in
mechanical translation
Savings! When translating
a large quantity of texts,
you will save up to 70% of
your budget!


of new clients

are referred to us by recommendation.

Why are we so highly recommended?

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Changes in our customers' cost

We have conducted an analysis for you and counted the amount that you will save on translation based on the examples of three of our clients working in various sectors.
In order to calculate that, we've extracted an identical volume of the documents translated.
Since different types of text contain different amounts of internal repetitions when translating the same volume of text, the amount saved will vary.
Variance of average cost fluctuations
for 1 translation page based
on the example of Advokatsky Buro EPAM
(legal firm)
Variance of average cost fluctuations
for 1 translation page based
on the example of LG Life Sciences
(registered dossiers)
Variance of average cost fluctuations
for 1 translation page based
on the example of company ARDO
(instructions for exploitation)
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to accompany you
during a business trip abroad
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Translator-guides, local residents to meet you after flying into another country, whether it is Sweden, Germany, China, or Republic of Congo
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Translators specialized in specific sectors– from nuclear energy to diplomatic etiquette.
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Translators for urgent events – we have specialists ready to help you right now!
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Translators for half-hour negotiations and translators for monthly accompaniment during a visit to your foreign partners.
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Translators by particular preference – men and women, young and old, brunettes or blondes, Europeans and Asians, etc.
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Simultaneous interpretation and the necessary equipment

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